Project Description
We dive into a pop-style graphic narrative, employing a vibrant color palette. It represents a true celebration of nostalgia, friendship, and the impact of the past on shaping the present.

Inspired by the iconic "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" by Pedro Almodóvar, the opening of "Elas por Elas" aims to evoke the emotional memory in the audience, especially in the female context, while presenting a contemporary representation of gender. Simplicity and sophistication intertwine seamlessly in the design, and the warmth of the handmade touch conveys a welcoming sensation, establishing a profound connection that goes beyond technological coldness.

Soap Culture
Brazilian soap operas have an undeniable relevance in the country's society. They transcend the mere category of entertainment programs and establish themselves as true cultural phenomena, defying the passage of time and maintaining their unwavering popularity over the decades. The invitation to develop a design and animation project for the opening of the new soap opera "Elas por Elas" was a unique gift and an extraordinary opportunity to elevate the reach of our work to all layers of society.

Making of

To bring our project to life, we employed the stop-motion technique with hand-cut paper collages across all layouts. Each element was meticulously animated frame by frame, crafting a dynamic graphic narrative. Subsequently, we merged these components into a digital composition, refining details and seamlessly connecting scenes. This animation process breathed life into our vision and added a handcrafted, authentic quality to the work, forging a unique connection with the audience.

Opening Title

Christiano Calvet, Bruna Fonyat, Juliane Pimenta, Carolina Miranda, Renan Moraes, Ricardo Léo, Gabriela Bonn, Fernanda Deway, Suzana Prista, Fabienne Verbicaro & Pilar Lima
Music: "Elas por Elas", Preta Gil, Ivete Sangalo & Duda Beat

Direction: Guilherme Ferreirinha
Design: Yumi Shimada, Gabriela Sánchez, Maria Fernanda Puppi, Thiago Biazzoto, Doizenni & Bianca Baderna
Storyboard: Thiago Biazzoto
Paper Art: Ligia Mie Jeon
Stop Motion Animation: Fabiana Fukui
Photography: André de Souza
First Camera Assistant: Caique Barboza
Motion & Compositing: Larissa Garcia, Sergio Filho, Pedro Kobuti & Guilherme Ferreirinha​​​​​​​

Motion Design for Content

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